Types of Bags For Men: Essential Guide

Types of Bags For Men: Essential Guide

When it comes to buying bags, everyone thinks of all kinds of bags for girls, but buying bags is not just for girls. Boys also need different bags for different occasions. Compared with women's bags, men's bags have fewer types and simpler styles, focusing on practicality. So what types of men’s bags are there? If you want to know, just read the introduction below.

1. Briefcase

Main use: daily work attendance.
Material: leather
Color: black and brown are most versatile
For briefcases, it is recommended to choose some classic models that cannot go wrong. Do not choose some cheap PU materials, which will appear low-grade.
vintage leather briefcase for mens
2. Backpack

Main uses: school, commuting, traveling.
Material: nylon, leather
Choosing the right backpack is not only practical, but also convenient and can be used in many scenarios.
vintage leather backpack for mens
3. Small crossbody bag

Main uses: shopping, concave modeling, dating.
Material: canvas, leather
The small crossbody bag is very suitable for dates, sunny and handsome! Paired with a youthful outfit, it is very attractive.
leather messenger bag for mens
4. Handbag

Main uses: shopping and daily travel.
Material: canvas, leather
Handbags are very versatile and have a wide range of application scenarios. They are easier to carry than small satchels, and more fashionable than backpacks. A simple and stylish handbag is very practical and can be carried every day.
vintage leather handbags for men
5. Wallet

Main use: Anytime.
Material: Leather
Wallets can be carried regardless of the occasion. Although mobile payments are gradually replacing cash payments, wallets can also store bank cards, ID cards and other items. A textured wallet can also reflect a man's taste.

leather wallet for mens

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