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How to Choose the Perfect Handbag for Every Occasion: The Complete Guide

Girls have four major hobbies, food, travel, beautiful clothes, and all kinds of bags. The position of bags in the minds of girls even surpasses that of clothing and jewelry. Some "bag lovers" may have more bags than clothes in their wardrobes. There are many types of bags, travel bags, commuter bags, daily bags, etc., you want every one. Wearing different clothes, being in different places, being in different ages, and even in different seasons, the bags you carry have different requirements in style and color.

That being the case, how should the bags that girls like match with clothes? Learn the following common sense, and the overall coordination will not go wrong.

To solve this problem, you must first understand the types of bags and the suitable style of wearing:

1. Shoulder bag

The bag that can be carried on the shoulder is the shoulder bag, which is the most popular bag style. According to the size, material and length of the shoulder strap of the bag, the feeling and temperament reflected are different.
★Long shoulder bag with shoulder straps below the hip line, suitable for casual clothing;
★The shoulder straps are above and below the waistline, and the texture is metal or the bag is slim and long, so it is more suitable for formal wear;
For large bags, try to choose wide shoulder straps to avoid shoulder pain caused by excessive pressure;
white bag for women

2. Messenger bag

The "predecessor" of the messenger bag is the messenger bag, which can make the hands move freely, and the cross is on the shoulders. It is suitable as a leisure bag or a school bag for students to go to class.
retro black messenger crossbody bag

3. Tote bag

Large handbags can be hand-held or hung on the arm. Most of them are open and unsealed, with handles and shoulder straps, which can be matched ingeniously according to the shape.
★Traditional leather tote bag, full of sense of style, suitable for formal wear and daily wear;
★The new-style tote bag made of canvas material is fashionable and environmentally friendly, suitable for matching with casual clothes or ordinary parties;
big tote bag handbag purse

4. Small school bag

The shape is similar to a large bag, with two handles and a long shoulder strap. It is very practical and is also called a Boston bag.
★It can be used not only as a student's schoolbag, but also as a commuter bag with a formal dress, and can also be used for ordinary parties;
leather college bag

5. Handbag

Similar in shape to a tote, but with shorter handles, it is very feminine and elegant.
★Suitable for formal wear, if there are many documents to be loaded, choose a square handbag;

small handbag purse

6. Crescent Pack

Named for its shape resembling a crescent moon hanging in the sky, it is loose, practical and comfortable.
★It is mainly matched with casual clothes, and some specially customized styles can also be used as a special bag for formal wear, which is quite chic and fashionable;
retro leather small purse

7. Clutch bag

Handbags have no straps, are small in size, and are often decorated with artificial gemstones on the surface. They are dazzling in the hand and become the focus of the crowd.
★Suitable for use as a party bag, very ladylike;

clutch bag

Following these handbag pairing tips will ensure you pick the right leather handbags to complement your personal style for any occasion. The right handbag truly completes an outfit, so choose wisely!

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