How to Repair Faded and Worn Leather Bags

How to Repair Faded and Worn Leather Bags

Genuine leather bags are expensive and require maintenance and cleaning during daily use. So how to repair worn and faded leather bags?
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1. It can be repaired with nail polish. If the surface of the bag is accidentally scratched, if it is just a small mark, then you can find a bottle of nail polish that is close to the color of the bag and apply it on the scratched area of the bag. It should be noted that you must find a close color, otherwise not only will it not be able to repair it, but it will directly affect the beauty of the bag. Apply nail polish that is close to the color of the bag. After it dries, apply transparent nail polish to protect the original color and restore the gloss of the bag.

2. You can also use hand cream to repair it. If the corners of the bag are frayed, you can try to apply hand cream that women usually use on the corners of the bag. After softening the corners, you can avoid the bag from getting damaged. Bag continues to wear out. This is only for a relatively small range of worn parts. If the bag is severely worn or the worn surface is relatively large, this method will have no effect.

3. You can use egg white and shoe polish. Wipe the bag clean first, then apply egg white to the worn areas. After the egg white dries, apply a layer of shoe polish. The color of shoe polish should be chosen according to the color of the bag. For black bags, apply black shoe polish, and for light-colored bags, apply white shoe polish. After applying it, wait until the shoe polish dries. If you are worried that your technique will be uneven after two applications, you can mix egg white and shoe polish and apply it. For better effect, apply a layer of brightening oil so that the worn areas will not be visible.

4. You can use crayons. The main raw material of crayons is wax, which can well cover the wear and tear on the leather bag. Choose a crayon of the same color as the bag and apply it to the worn parts of the bag and wipe it gently. After the wax penetrates into the leather, the wear marks will disappear. was covered up.

5. Professional maintenance. Send the bag for emergency repair. After the maintenance is completed, small wear and tear can disappear and large wear and tear can be reduced. If it is a brand-name bag, it is recommended to do leather bag maintenance regularly.

Remember to clean dust and dirt from the surface of your leather bag before repairing it. Also, if you are unsure of your operating skills, it is best to seek professional advice and help at a professional repair shop or leather goods store.
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