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How to Match Retro Bags to be Classic and Durable?

Retro fashion can be roughly understood as "emerging the elements of the old era and leading the new fashion". We can easily identify retro elements, such as sweet big bows, metallic rivets and sequins; bell-bottom pants, girdles, and jackets, all of which exude a distinct sense of age.

The retro style is also reflected in the bag a lot. For example, the "Vegetable Basket", which was super popular a while ago, can always evoke childhood memories. There are also many styles that are deliberately old to reflect the vicissitudes of time. Retro bags, in terms of materials, colors, details, accessories, etc., perfectly interpret the nostalgic style.
Nowadays, many people wear stylish bags when they go out because such bags are easy to match with clothes. However, if you regularly carry modern bags, there will come a day when you will get tired of carrying them. Why don't you try vintage bags? In our daily life, we have mastered certain collocation skills and can easily hold bags with retro elements. In autumn and winter, which exudes a literary atmosphere, it is more suitable for retro bags~ Come and see how to match clothes according to the bag shape!


【 Round vintage bag 】
The round retro bag is super versatile. It can be playful and smart, dignified and elegant, suitable for girls of all ages and occasions. Wearing denim clothes, it is a casual style; wearing a small leather jacket, it looks very cool; wearing a small shirt, it instantly becomes capable.
Of course, the round shape is also the easiest bag type to match the retro style. Although the clothes are not too picky, we can appropriately add some retro accessories, such as toad mirrors and metal earrings, to enhance the overall look.

Many celebrities have bought several round bags, and both Taylor Swift and GIGI have used round bags in their street photos. The black mini bag is super versatile and looks good on anything; whether it is carried on one shoulder or carried in the hand, it is low-key and stylish.


【Square Retro Bag】
The square bag looks quite satisfactory, but it is very individual; coupled with retro elements such as rivets and metal patches, it is difficult to think whether it is attractive or not.
For a square retro bag, the harder the line is, the stronger the visual impact, so the clothes should be loose and soft, or can reflect some feminine curves, otherwise it will easily give people a strong or even sharp feeling.

Let's take a look at the display of Sarah Mikaela, a small Danish blogger. The slim jeans reflect the soft curves of the legs. At the same time, either wear a bright-colored jacket or match it with a retro beret to add a matching highlight, so that the hard outline of the bag will not be too eye-catching.


[rectangular retro bag]
Rectangular retro bags generally have sharp edges and corners, making them appear tougher. Such a bag can be paired with a capable shirt and a slim suit jacket to create a distinctive image of a working woman.
Or, we can also choose some loose sweaters, skirts and other clothes with soft fabrics to alleviate this strong line feeling, which can be described as "overcoming rigidity with softness", matching a casual and intellectual style.

Saray Martin, a famous Spanish fashion blogger, well interpreted these two different ways of collocation. They are also rectangular bags, paired with a printed suit, capable and stylish; paired with a soft cotton T-shirt, it looks much gentler.


【Irregular shape retro bag】
Irregular-shaped bags have a variety of styles. Let's take bucket bags as an example. The bucket bag is actually quite simple, the curve of the bag is relatively soft, and the loose tightening belt design on the top of the bag exudes the beauty of women as a whole. But some bags look complicated and exaggerated.
So when we match clothes, try to choose simple styles, such as clean jeans and basic T-shirts are good; avoid clothes that are too loose, have many bright spots, and the colors are too jumpy, otherwise it is easy to match the whole. The focus looks dazzling, causing visual heaviness and oppression.

When French fashion blogger Jeanne Damas carried this braided bucket bag, she wore a V-neck shirt and jeans. The color is elegant, but not too eye-catching. With such a match, the retro woven bag has become the biggest focus, and the overall is more harmonious.

There are so many styles of retro bags, it is always confusing. When choosing, we can combine our daily dressing style to choose a more suitable overall. Of course, you can also buy and buy with confidence, after all, the matching strategy should be obtained today~


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