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How to Wear Pearls - Clever Tips for Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are timeless jewels that add elegance to any outfit. But do you know how to wear them right? Pearls require some special care and styling to make them really shine. Follow these tips on how to accessorize with pearls like a pro:

Choose the right pearl hue - Opt for white or cream pearls if you have warm skin tones, and go for black or grey pearls if your complexion is cool-toned. The pearl color should complement your skin.

white pearl necklace

real black pearl necklace

Layer pearl necklaces - Wearing multiple pearl strands together creates visual interest. Go for different lengths and mixes of pearl sizes for a trendy stacked look.

multiple pearl strands

Mix pearls with metals - Pearls look stunning paired with shiny gold or sleek silver metals. Pearl drop earrings with gold posts are a perfect combo.

Pearl drop earrings with gold posts

Highlight pearls with your outfit - Wear pearls against solid colored clothing, which makes the jewels pop. Crisp white, rich navy and neutral black are ideal backdrops.

handcrafted natural pearl necklace

Add pearls to daywear - Semi-formal pearls with a sheen instantly elevate casual outfits. Wear them to the office or weekend brunch.

Semi-formal pearls

Choose eco-friendly pearls - Opt for cultured pearls which are created sustainably, instead of natural pearls which can damage wildlife.

freshwater pearl necklace

Take care of your pearls - Store pearls separately from other jewels to avoid scratches. Clean them with a soft cloth to maintain luster.

clean pearl necklace

Know when to wear pearls - Reserve fine pearl jewelry for evening events and special occasions. Everyday pearls work for daytime.

elegant pearl necklace

Pearls might seem delicate, but don't be afraid to wear them often. With proper care and clever styling, you can enjoy these gems for years to come. Explore our pearl collections to find your perfect piece!

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