How to Choose Men's Bags | Bag Style Guide

How to Choose Men's Bags | Bag Style Guide

Key points for purchasing:

black leather briefcase for mens

1. Depend on the use

There are many types of men’s bags. According to the purpose, there are briefcases, leisure bags, sports bags, key bags, wallets, computer bags and so on. According to the carrying method, there are shoulder bags, backpacks, cross-body bags, handbags and so on. When purchasing, choose a men's bag that suits you based on your purpose of use and living habits.

2. Capacity size

It’s actually the size of the bag. The size of the bag should be determined based on the content of the work that the individual often engages in and actual needs. The principle is that it is better to be bigger than small. If it is too big, it will not fit in it, but if it is too small, it will not fit.

3. Fabric and texture

Generally speaking, leather bags are very durable, followed by polyester fiber (commonly known as "polyester") or polyurethane (PU) nylon, etc. The waterproof and wear-resistant properties are very good, but there will be some smell. If you buy it, It is recommended to leave it in a vent for a few days to remove the smell.

On the other hand, texture is also an important aspect to consider. When choosing a bag, you need to pay more attention to whether the wiring and shoulder straps of the spliced parts are firm, and whether the details such as hardware and zippers are reliable.

4. Workmanship

It refers to the quality of the sewing process between the shoulder straps, waistband and bag body, between fabrics, bag cover and bag body, etc. It is necessary to ensure the necessary stitching firmness, and the stitches should not be too large or too loose.

5. Taste

In addition to capacity, color, fabric and texture, we must also have taste when choosing bags. Although boys are not as troublesome as girls when choosing bags, it is also very important to choose bags that suit you and have great taste.

6. Cost-effectiveness

According to personal financial strength, choose a bag that can meet your needs and is financially affordable.


What color to choose for men’s bag:

Black and brown are easy to care for and are versatile, making them an unmistakable choice for all boys. If you are wearing a black and gray outfit, it is recommended to choose a bright-colored bag to match.
1. Choose black color, which is versatile and can be matched with no mistakes.
2. Choose brown, which looks more casual and more energetic than black.
3. The plaid pattern model is more suitable for young guys, casual and everyday.


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