How to Wear a Man Bag | Eevryday Carry

How to Wear a Man Bag | Eevryday Carry

How to carry a men's bag:

1. Wear diagonally across the body

This method is the most common way for mens to carry a shoulder bag, especially when paired with a printed shirt and mid-pants, it has a more resonant look. The red contrasting printed shirt has a simple and sparkling straight cut. Paired with black sports pants, it is full of fashion and vitality. Especially the diagonal bag strap not only creates a contrasting effect with the shirt and T-shirt, but also echoes it. Wearing the color of sports pants, together with a mask and sneakers, combines low-key sophistication and sparkling fashion in one look.
vintage messenger for mens
2. Wear over one shoulder

This kind of bag is limited to chest bags that can be used for two purposes. The black and white matching style is more low-key. The chest bag can be worn on one shoulder or across the body. This kind of design effect is also good when carried on one shoulder. The most important thing is that the color tone of the bag is integrated with the overall black and white color tone. The overall appearance is simple and neat, and it also presents the sophistication and high-end style of fashionistas.
vintage leather sling bag for mens
3. Wear over both shoulders

Nowadays, many large bags are available in three ways: single shoulder, double shoulder, and hand-held. Pair it with black and white and a sporty look to give it a more energetic look. Nowadays, there are many ways to carry larger sports bags, among which the one that can be carried on both shoulders is the most labor-saving. Even the color tone is integrated with the overall black and white combination, especially the white T-shirt paired with overalls and sneakers, which simultaneously highlights the low-key sparkle and high-end sophistication, making it handsome and free and easy.

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How to adjust the length of men's crossbody bag:

Many mens just wear the crossbody bag directly after buying it because they are too lazy to adjust the length of the crossbody bag. In fact, this is wrong, because everyone’s height is different and the length requirements for crossbody bags are also different. If the crossbody bag is carried too high, it will look like a conductor on the bus. If it is carried too low, it will make the whole person look shorter. Therefore, the length of the crossbody bag is really important. You must find the length that suits you.

There are three ways to make a crossbody bag strap longer: adjust the length, knot it, or shorten it.

1. The most preferred method is to adjust the length. Generally, the length of the strap of a bag can be adjusted. By adjusting the buckle position on the buckle, the strap can be shortened or lengthened. If you don’t know how to operate it, you can go to the store where you purchased it. Ask the salesperson to teach you.

2. If it is still too long after adjustment, you can knot it first and make a small knot on the side to make it look nice and shortened.

3. If you are not satisfied with the first two methods, consider shortening it, but you must take it to a bag repair or maintenance shop.

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