How to Match Men’s Bags to Look Good | Guide to Styles

How to Match Men’s Bags to Look Good | Guide to Styles

In men's fashion, finding the right bag to complement your outfit can make or break your style. This blog post offers tips on how to pick the ideal men's bag for any occasion, whether it's a sleek briefcase for the office or a practical backpack for everyday wear. With the right men's bag, you'll pull your look together and project confidence wherever you go.

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 Key points for matching men’s bags

1. Color matching

The color of the handbag used by business personnel should generally be similar to the main color of their overall clothing. Sometimes, you can also make it a contrasting color with the color of the clothes you are wearing. In particularly formal business interactions, there is a special rule, that is, the color of the handbag used by the business personnel should be consistent with the color of the leather shoes worn at the same time. For a casual look, you can choose contrasting colors or embellished with bright-colored bags.

2. Matching of styles
When choosing a bag, you should also make it consistent in style with your other clothing. Men's business bags should be worn in a business style, and casual bags should be worn more casually.

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How to match men's bags

1. Backpack + shorts + T-shirt

This is the most suitable combination for summer. The backpack can be matched with various casual outfits, making it more convenient for you to go out. Choose a brightly colored backpack to make the whole look more vibrant.

2. Handbag+polo/shirt
In business situations, handbags are the best choice. Choosing a simple and elegant handbag can make your overall image more capable and stable. Matching it with a shirt can make you more decent in business situations.

3. Crossbody bag + casual pants
Crossbody bags are a must-have item for casual occasions. Pair them with jeans and casual shoes to make your entire look more casual. The satchel can be paired with a variety of casual outfits, making it more convenient for you to go out.

4. Chest bag + T-shirt
For daily shopping and leisure vacations, a chest bag is the most practical matching item. It can make it more convenient for you to put your mobile phone, sunglasses and other small things you use in daily life when you go out for swimming. Choosing a chest bag that is lightweight, compact, fashionable and individual while still being fashionable can make you more comfortable in various leisure occasions.

5. Briefcase + suit
In business workplaces, briefcases are also one of the essential items. A stylish and stylish briefcase can make you more stylish in business situations.

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Men’s bag matching tips

1. Hand bag

This portable and lightweight handbag is suitable for slim-fitting formal wear. The exaggerated gun-notch neckline design will highlight the light texture of the handbag and give you some vintage temperament.

2. Black box bag
For a large black box bag, you should pay attention to the choice of formal clothes, and a white turtleneck shirt is the best. Similarly, when choosing a watch, you should pay attention to the silver texture. The contrast of black and silver details is the perfect start.

3. Square double pocket bag
The square double-pocket bag has a bit of nostalgia, and the distinctive pleated texture on the surface is destined to become the protagonist. For formal wear, it is recommended to choose a slightly looser shape and mainly use neutral colors, such as gray, gray blue, etc.

4. Carry travel bag with both hands
The exaggerated hand-carrying travel bag is also full of business. In terms of matching, it is recommended to choose a formal suit with vertical stripes. In terms of style, double-breasted lapels are the best. The tall and straight vertical stripes will correct the proportion problem between the large bag and the human body.

5. One-shoulder messenger bag
The one-shoulder messenger bag is very popular for its relaxed and casual character. We recommend that the traditional and classic three-piece suit is the best choice for formal wear.

6. Backpack
A dynamic backpack, this men's bag is suitable for younger business people. In terms of matching, it is recommended to choose a dark blue coat and a red tie. The contrast between red and blue shows a bit of youthful vitality.

7. Traditional document package
The traditional and classic document bag is a must-have style for business people. The delicate and soft leather echoes the double-breasted leather windbreaker, both with geometric tailoring lines and a classic business charm.

8. Cylindrical double-strap bag
The cylindrical double-strap bag can change your traditional formal body shape. It has athletic talent and makes you look energetic. In terms of matching, we recommend choosing a geometric vertical striped country coat to embellish your formal attire, and a tie decorated with polka dot patterns. This will not make the geometric shape of the bag look obtrusive.

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