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How to Choose the Perfect Bag in Winter?

When it comes to outfits, we usually talk more about clothes. Of course, outfits are an overall look, and the embellishment of bags is indispensable. Women like to bring a bag when they go out. No matter how big or small, they are used for various purposes. Basically, you will use a large bag when you are on a business trip or traveling at work. Normally, a small crossbody bag is more practical and can be enough to hold mobile phone keys and other small accessories.

The clothes you wear in winter are already bulky and thick. Large shoulder bags and backpacks are difficult to carry on your back. Comparatively speaking, small bags are much more convenient and practical. For matching purposes, it is a very good choice to carry a solid color bag in winter. Prepare several bags of different colors to make it fashionable and stylish. What styles and colors are available? Let’s talk about it below.

Option 1: Black small bag
The first thing to consider among solid-color bags is the small black bag. If you feel that black is too monotonous, you can look for bright spots on the buckle of the bag. Choose retro locks with a very delicate visual sense, which can also bring texture to the black bag. High-end and versatile. With such a small black bag, you no longer have to worry about what to wear when going out in the morning. Even if it is a simple shirt with a work skirt, a small black bag can be easily worn.
small black leather bag

Option 2: Pink small bag
If you usually like to wear an age-reducing girlish style, you will definitely buy a pink jacket. Pink is not difficult to control, and there is no longer the problem of dark skin color in the past. Most of the more popular pinks are matte pinks, which have the same visual feel as dry rose pinks. The saturation is lower and there is a bit more grayscale, which makes them look very high-end. The light pink crossbody bag matches the dark pink jacket, and the close color scheme looks very stylish.
pink leather crossbody bag

Choice 3: Light brown bucket bag
I have to say that light brown is a very suitable color for winter. It looks retro and textured. In order to avoid being old-fashioned, you can choose a cylindrical crossbody bag with a carrying ring. It is very versatile and easy to use. This kind of brown bag matches the khaki woolen coat inexplicably, and there are many windbreakers in this color in spring. They can be worn until spring and last a long time.
brown canvas bucket bag

Choice 4: Dark brown caramel crossbody bag
Brown, which is one degree darker than light brown, looks very suitable for winter. Its matching rate is much higher than that of light brown. The rounded lines make a simple bag more attractive and full of retro literature and art. Breathable, paired with light-colored coats and skirts, it can also make the outline of the bag more distinct, which is both an embellishment and a highlight.
This color crossbody bag can not only be matched with dignified lady's clothing, but also perfectly matches with plaid suits. Relatively speaking, it is more neutral beauty, handsome and fashionable, and it also looks good when casually worn crossbody. Compared to black and white, dark brown is more in tune with the nostalgia of a suit.
coffee color leather crossbody bag

Choice 5: White small bag
White bags are not inferior to black ones at all. They are very versatile, have higher key recognition, and are super elegant when used. For white, many girls will choose more traditional handbags, but those who are more suitable for women working in the workplace are too rigid. The white bucket bag with tassels looks more casual and can be used in a wider range of situations.

white leather bucket bag with tassel
I have to say that the temperament of cream white is better than pure white. It looks exquisite and retro, and it can also highlight the texture of the bag. A small cream white bag paired with camel-colored clothing really creates a visual sense of combining the two into one.

small white shoulder purse
The white saddle bag will be visually cuter and smaller. It is more suitable for age-reducing style. Choose a gentle sky blue woolen coat and match it with the white bag. The skin color will look very fair, and this outfit will give people a very The refreshing feeling will make you feel much better when you see it in the dark winter days.
small white saddle bag

Choice 6: Army green small bag
If you want more colors, you can also choose military green. This color has to be said to be more classic. If you look at the military green bag alone, you will think it is quite low-key, and many people don’t like it, but when paired with ginger, it is an inexplicable match. You only need to wear it to discover the beauty of the military green bag.

green leather shoulder purse

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