Does a Real Leather Bag Peel?

Does a Real Leather Bag Peel?


The reasons for leather bags peeling may include the following:

Scratches or wear: Leather bags, especially brand-name bags, are made of delicate materials, and a little scratch may cause the leather to be damaged and fall off, especially in the four corners and other parts that are prone to wear.

Long-term exposure to the sun: Long-term exposure to the sun in summer may also cause bags to peel.

Improper maintenance: Lack of maintenance or improper maintenance is another important reason for bags to peel. For example, a leather bag placed in a too dry environment may cause cracking and peeling, while excessive wear may require timely identification of friction points and careful use to avoid further wear.

Leather problems: Different leathers have different service lives, and some leather bags peeling is also related to their own leather. Compared with artificial leather, genuine leather has a longer service life, but the maintenance of genuine leather bags is more critical, and avoid placing them in dark and humid places.

For the repair of peeling, you can find a professional luxury care master to repair it, especially when the bag is severely worn.

In addition, correct maintenance methods include avoiding direct sunlight exposure, regularly using special maintenance oil, paying attention to anti-fouling, and alternating between different bags to avoid wear and tear caused by excessive use of the same bag.

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