How do I Match My Bag with My Clothes?

How do I Match My Bag with My Clothes?

Every bag has its own owner. Bags of different colors are suitable for different occasions and clothing colors. Girls who can use bags correctly can often show their dressing wisdom and inner charm.

1) Black bag: embodies nobility, elegance, mystery, sexiness and charm
Suitable colors: white, gray, beige, blue
black leather bag

2) White bag: clear, tranquil and pure
Suitable clothing color: can be matched with clothing of any color
white bag

3) Gray bag: a slightly mature neutral color
Suitable clothing color: can be matched with clothing of any color
gray bag

4) Brown and beige bag: mature, sophisticated and tranquil
Suitable colors: basic colors, black, white, gray
Brown or beige bags are more suitable for work wear, showing a sophisticated and sophisticated temperament and a more mature expression.
brown bag

5) Blue bag: mysterious, quiet, refreshing, sensible and deep
Suitable colors: basic colors, white and black
blue bag

6) Red bag: passion, romance, sexy
Suitable colors: black, white, yellow, blue, green
red bag

7) Green bag: cool, quiet and full of natural vitality
Suitable colors: black, white, green
green bag

8) Pink bag: an exclusive color that highlights the sweetness of women
Suitable colors: white, black, dark and light colors, rose

pink bag

9) Purple bag: noble and elegant
Suitable clothing colors: the same color with different shades of purple, black, white, yellow and gray
Purple bags are very "eye-catching". Don't choose too bright purple. Reduce the saturation or brightness appropriately. Small bags look best.
purple bag

10) Yellow bag: warmth, hope, vitality, happiness
Suitable colors: orange, yellow, black, white, green, various blue tones
yellow bag

I wish everyone to buy new and beautiful bags every month.

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